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Sonus is a passive amplifier for smartphone. The idea is based on the use of a acoustically reflective and imperishable material like the stone, thanks to its shape it can amplify and propagate the sound of a smartphone naturally and homogeneously, using an unprecedented principle for this type of amplifier. The sound goes out amplified, from the internal trumpet section of the amplifier, down to where he meets a plate with a reflective cone which distributes the sound at 360 ° making it come out of the three side openings. The used stones belong to the Lecce stone family. The form besides being suitable for this purpose, is inspired by the silhouettes of rural buildings stone in Salento, the ‘Pagghiare’ from the typical truncated contour profile. The elegant design, tense and slender with strong visual impact made from cuts that give it character and the light colors of the Lecce stones allow it to function as a complement to furnishing as it stands for interior spaces such as lounges, living or exteriors. 
Sonus is a project developed in the thesis in industrial product of the CDL in Industrial Design. With Proff. Annalisa Di Roma and Vincenzo Minenna of Bari Politecnico University.

Marco Boscarino
Pimar Beige Limestone


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