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Ventilated Stone Walls


Ventilated stone walls are one of the fundamental “must have” for the modern construction industry, which is always looking for solutions to make buildings in general and especially our homes healthy and environmentally friendly.
As matter of fact, thanks to its technical characteristics, ventilated stone walls allow to take great advantages: insulate and protect buildings, contributing to a significant reduction of heat loss.

We can talk about “ventilated stone walls” only where the role of external protective coating is carried out by natural stone slabs,  properly worked for anchoring with dry systems and whose thickness ensures resistance  to the material and lightness to the entire architectural structure.
In addition to this, ventilated stone walls must have defined shapes with reduced thickness. These requirements are necessary not only to keep the stone tiles light and maneuverable but also to enhance its beauty according to the desired style.

Pimar provides high-performance anchoring systems and cladding tiles featured from outstanding beauty, durability and safety.
Tests carried out on ventilated facades involve several parameters such as flexural strength, dilation and linear thermal conductivity, volume weight and the coefficient of inhibition. Thanks to these tests, ventilated natural stone walls enable an excellent resistance to thermal shocks, fire, wear, chemical agents and impacts.

The ventilated stone walls are suitable for any type of construction, since the great aesthetic performance meets excellent technical ones of ventilation and insulation. The system uses the heat coming from outside and due to the “chimney effect”,  it triggers a completely natural ventilation that removes the humidity coming from condensation and reinforces the value of the thermal insulation with good results both in summer and in winter period.
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